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Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim in Court

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Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury lawyers who are involved with litigation have an astute understanding the ways that juries approach negligence cases. They know how to relate to the people in a jury and help them discover the truth in a negligence case. A personal injury lawyer has the important task of laying out the facts for a jury so that the jury can make up its own mind as to who is truly at fault in a negligence case.

A good personal injury lawyer will recognize the power of the jury to determine the outcome of a case. In some negligence cases, a jury will have a direct impact on the percentage of funds that a plaintiff receives in a settlement. A jury may determine that a plaintiff was 25 percent at fault for causing a car accident while the defendant was 75 percent at fault for causing a car accident. The personal injury lawyer’s job is to try to convince a jury that a plaintiff was not at fault in any way for a car accident that occurred. The personal injury lawyer has the job of zealously representing his or her client to the best of his or her ability.

Another way that a personal injury lawyer seeks to benefit a client is by questioning witnesses during deposition proceedings. A deposition is a special meeting that is set up between two lawyers and appointed witnesses. In a slip and fall case, a plaintiff’s lawyer may want to interview the manager who was operating a grocery store on the day in which the accident occurred. The lawyer will ask questions of the manager that expose whether he knew a dangerous condition existed in the store, and if so, which steps he took to clean up the mess or deal with the dangerous condition. A personal injury lawyer has the difficult task of making a list of very detailed questions to ask witnesses during a deposition proceeding. A personal injury lawyer must be able to think on his or her feet and question a witness about any new issues that are brought up during the deposition proceeding.

A victim of negligence can find a personal injury lawyer with litigation experience by asking him or her about this experience in a client meeting. During the initial consultation, a client should ask the lawyer about how many cases he or she has brought to court in previous years. A client may also want to ask whether an attorney has served as a clerk in a court where negligence cases are heard. learn more here!

Personal Injury Claim

The initial consultation gives the client a chance to understand the breadth of experience that a lawyer has in handling personal injury cases. If a lawyer has not had much experience in the courtroom, then a client may not want to choose this lawyer for his or her negligence case. Some negligence cases will have better outcomes when they are handled in a courtroom, so a lawyer should be comfortable with bringing negligence cases to court.