Car Accident Attorney: How to Claim for Car Accident Compensation

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Car Accident

When you have been involved into a car accident, you may get compensation for medical bills and for lost wages with related expenses from your car insurance or from the insurance company of the driver who was involved into the accident with you – according to the person who was at fault.

Having a personal injury attorney, can help you to get the best out of your compensation. Before looking for the compensation, you have to understand about the types of the car insurance which cover the personal injury. The option to choose will depend on the nature of the car accident; the type of the accident maybe under insured or uninsured motorist coverage, medical payment coverage, personal injury protection and bodily injury liability coverage for negligent drivers.

At fault and your claim: there are many situations like rear-end collision when the driver who is behind is always considered to be at fault.

However, for other accidents, it may not be that clear. The right way that you may help the car insurance to determine who is at fault, you should give a detailed explanation about what took place. When you do not agree that you are at fault, you should present the reasoned agreement why you are not at fault.

Sometimes, the auto accident lawyer may have to go for the contributory negligence while determining who should be given the compensation. When the case is a contributory negligence, this means that you are even when it comes to the fault for the accident so you should not be given the payment for the personal injury claim.

Comparative negligence: the state may decide to use comparative negligence while deciding who has to be compensated. Under this option, the compensation will be reduced when you are not completely innocent. The exact rule will depend on the state of the law. There is pure comparative negligence and modified comparative fault. read review here!

You can ask a car accident attorney to tell you about the factors that may affect the compensation for the personal injury. The insurance company can assign the claim adjuster who is going to help you to move the claim process. The claim adjuster will use the police report. However, it takes long for you to get medical attention, or if you have visited the emergency room or the physician when the accident took place. If you had a pre-existing injury, it can be worsened because of the accident.

Car Accident

You can ask the physician to take up new x-rays and ultrasound for the areas that have been injured. The comparison of the pre- and post-accident scans may help to show if the accident that took place had additional damage to the area or not. The DWI and DUI charges or other citations that are related to the accidents or the statements which you may have made to other passengers or to other drivers after the accident. You have to keep in mind even if the emotions may be involved; you have to avoid making the statement or promises of blame.

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